The Best 10 Prank Apps to Play Funny Pranks on Your Friends In 2022

Best prank apps for Android 2022

The Best 10 Prank Apps to Play Funny Pranks on Your Friends

This rundown of best Prank applications incorporate applications with many kinds of tricks, for example, apparition sensor, police alarm, and falsehood locator, among others. 

Playing tricks is consistently fun, particularly when they are innocuous. In this way, we chose to clergyman a rundown of the ten best tricking applications that can make any dull climate invigorating with interesting tricks. Be it a party, or April fool day, these 10 best trick applications will make each second fun. 

Prank apps list

  1. Prank Call App: Ownage Prank‪s 
  2. Police Prank Call 
  3. The Best Prank Pack 
  4. Prank DIAL
  5. Ghost Detector
  6. Prank Stun Gun Shocker
  7. Crack Your Screen Prank
  8. Scare Your Friends
  9. Funcalls
  10. Loud Police Siren Sound

In this blog, we have shortlisted the top trick applications as per their elements, fame, and convenience. Having these applications on your telephone won't just make you seriously engaging yet will likewise assist you in gaining fun experiences with your loved ones. 

Best apps to mess with friends

The rundown will incorporate top trick applications for Android and iOS gadgets both. Consequently, you can pick the one that suits you and use it to have some good times. Besides, the majority of these applications are allowed to introduce too. In this way, we should start! 

1. Prank Call App: Ownage Prank‪s 

Pick your cherished person and record something in this best trick calls application to impart to your companions. Additionally, you can likewise pick a trick call from the library and send it to your companions to trick them. This best trick call application is allowed to utilize however incorporates a couple of premium elements also. 

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Top Features of Prank Call App: Ownage Prank‪s:

  • Pick recorded scripts and offer them with your companions to trick them. 
  • Use voice transformer to trick your companions over call. 
  • Investigate people group with the best trick recordings. 
  • Pick trick thoughts from the rundown that gets refreshed day by day.

Download Prank Call App: Ownage Prank‪s App For Android 

Download Prank Call App: Ownage Prank‪s App For IOS

2. Police Prank Call 

This Android elite best trick message application is an ideal instrument to terrify your companions. You can claim to be a cop and send messages to your companions naturally. 

The clock remembered for the application can improve your trick. You can type the message and set the clock and imagine before your companions as though you don't have your telephone. At the point when they get the computerized message that you had set, it will terrify them so seriously. 

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Top Features of Police Prank Call:

  • The application is only accessible for Android gadgets as it were. 
  • You can compose custom messages and send while professing to be a cop. 
  • The clock can be utilized to send messages naturally. 
  • The application is allowed to utilize yet contains advertisements. 

Download Police Prank Call For Android 

3. The Best Prank Pack 

As the name parts with it as of now, the application incorporates numerous sorts of tricks. You can either go for the screen break trick or pick an untruth locator to mess around with. In addition, the application is completely allowed to utilize yet accessible just for Android gadgets. 

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Top Features of The Best Prank Pack:

  • Utilize an untruth indicator to imagine that you realize your companions are lying. 
  • The messed up screen trick will make maybe your telephone is broken. 
  • The soundboard incorporates amusing capacities, for example, call the police. 
  • There are misleading questions also that you can request that your companions reply. 

Download The Best Prank Pack For Android 

4. Prank DIAL APK

The application has been utilized to send more than 200 million trick calls as of not long ago. This best trick call application is allowed to utilize yet in addition accompanies a couple of master highlights for the paid membership. You can pick a theme you like and send the trick call to your companions. The application will tell you their responses so you can roar with laughter. 

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Top Features of PRANK DIAL:

  • The application is allowed to introduce however presents in-application buys. 
  • You can make up to three trick brings in a day for nothing. 
  • There are in excess of 150 tricks included. 
  • The trick list is getting refreshed day by day. 

Download PRANK DIAL For Android 

5. Ghost Detector

Assuming you at any point considered how to trick somebody well, this application is your reply. The alarming trick application incorporates a phony sensor that imagines as though it has identified a phantom. 

You can persuade your companions of a paranormal presence through this phony phantom sensor application. The sensor impact looks incredibly genuine that one may effortlessly get bulldozed. 


Top Features of Ghost Detector:

  • The application incorporates numerous sorts of sensors with various visuals. 
  • You can either attempt to investigate apparitions yourself or alarm your companions. 
  • The EM4 sensor is intended to distinguish paranormal action. 
  • Best for tormented manor experiences with companions. 

Download Ghost Detector For Android 

Download Ghost Detector For IOS 

6. Prank Stun Gun Shocker

As the name parts with it, the application professes to transform your cell phone into a taser weapon. The application is just accessible for iOS gadgets. 

This probably the best trick applications incorporates taser impact visuals and sounds. Besides, the gadget displayed in the application additionally accompanies various skins that you can look over. 

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Top Features of Prank Stun Gun Shocker:

  • The application incorporates audio cues and visuals of taser firearms. 
  • There are different skins for the taser weapon remembered for the application. 
  • This application likewise vibrates to give a more sensible impact of the trick. 
  • The application is allowed to use for iOS gadgets. 

Download Prank Stun Gun Shocker For IOS

7. Crack Your Screen Prank

Break Your Screen Prank is a straightforward application that animates the break design on the screen of your cell phone. 

You can either trigger it by shaking the telephone or physically with one tap from the application. Additionally, the application likewise accompanies a clock that enacts the break screen impact on the time set. 

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Top Features of Crack Your Screen Prank:

  • Set clock to consequently apply the break channel on the screen. 
  • Tap from the application to apply the impact. 
  • Or then again, simply trigger it by shaking the telephone. 
  • Shaking again will fix the screen too. 

Download Crack Your Screen Prank For Android

8. Scare Your Friends

Before you choose to trick your companions with this one of the amusing tricks applications, ensure it doesn't unnerve them to an extreme. 

The application allows you to pick an apparition and keeping in mind that your companion will peruse the telephone, the phantom shows up with a noisy sound to panic the client. This startling trick application is an enjoyment for jokesters who love to trick others. 

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Top Features of Scare Your Friends:

  • The application incorporates a few apparitions and audio cues to panic the client. 
  • This one of the most mind-blowing free trick applications alarms. clients unexpectedly by running out of spotlight. 
  • To utilize it, you need to pick the image, sound, and season of the popup. 
  • The application is a decent instrument to stun your companions. 

Download Scare Your Friends For Android 

9. Funcalls 

This application incorporates probably the best tricks to pull because of its voice transformer innovation. The application is really easy to utilize and allows you to settle on decisions even globally. Besides, you can control your voice progressively to make it sound unique in relation to your genuine one. 

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Top Features of Funcalls:

  • Change your voice continuously to make it sound unique. 
  • Settle on trick decisions on versatile or landline telephones. 
  • The application upholds global calling too. 
  • You can likewise control your number. 

Download Funcalls For Android 

Download Funcalls For IOS

10. Loud Police Siren Sound

As the name proposes, this one of the most outstanding free trick applications is utilized to make alarm sounds and show lights. The shocking designs discharge special visualizations that make the alarm look practical. You should simply to tap the button to begin the alarm without warning. 

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Top Features of Loud Police Siren Sound:

  • Make an alarm sound with a tap all of a sudden. 
  • The application is altogether allowed to utilize. 
  • It likewise incorporates visuals of alarms. 
  • You can pick assuming you need to switch both of light or sound off. 

Download Loud Police Siren Sound For Android 

Best Prank Apps for Android and IOS 

If we forget anything about Prank apps, or the game does not work for you please tell us in the comments!! You can also click here to check out our latest android app and game lists

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