Best War Games For Android 2022 (Online And Offline) | The Best In 2022

Best war games for Android 2022

Best War Games For Android 2022

Today's topic will be about bes war games for Android, whether they come online with friends or offline, war and fighting games are among the best in 2022.

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Best war games for android with high graphics:

  1. ZOZ Final Hour
  2. Combat Master
  3. Project M 
  4. Infinity Ops

We all love war and fighting games that come with very high graphics with the possibility of playing with friends through the online feature, as well as some prefer to try war games without the net, and for this day I decided to present to you 5 war games for Android online and offline, which are the best in 2022 .

1. ZOZ Final Hour

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A war against zombies game with a very special game idea, this game was officially launched by the well-known giant NetEase company, which destroyed all other companies this year, after it announced several games in different forms, whether car racing, war, football, etc., ZOZ Final Hour game comes with a very large game map, and your main goal is to kill zombies and collect some pieces, as well as kill the rest of the real players online, where there are 15 players that are placed with you in the same gym, a very powerful game that comes online with the ability to invite your friends and play together.

Download ZOZ Final Hour For Android

2. Combat Master

A new FPS game that just came out in recent days and it comes with a very excellent graphics and gameplay, this game is offline and you don't need to have the internet at all to be able to play, this game has very strong competition so that the company that produced it has developed a group of strong bots and you will find it difficult Very big in defeating them, the game also comes with playlists that have been copied and pasted from the Warzone game and this thing you will notice as soon as you enter the main menu.

Download Combat Master For Android

3. Project M 

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A new war game is also presented by the legendary company NetEase, which does not get tired of putting its powerful games on the phone. Distinctive characters and each character has their own abilities, the game is incredibly fun and comes online of course.

Download Project M For Android

4. Infinity Ops

An old game that was downloaded years ago, but in recent days it has received a radical update that changed this game by 180 degrees, so that the graphics were insanely improved and compared to the last games that came out this year, a map similar to the rich Cyberpunk game was also added. By definition, a very beautiful online game, and you can create ROMs and invite your friends to it.

Download Infinity Ops For Android


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A game that the whole world is waiting for, and the number of registrations that the game obtained before its release confirms this thing, as this game has achieved more than 50 million pre-registrations on the store, which is the legendary number, which confirms the extent of people’s interest in the experience of the PUBG New State game, which received a very good evaluation Through the Alpha version that was recently downloaded. 

This game has been officially scheduled to be released on the 11th of next November, where it will be downloaded for both the Android and iPhone systems as well

Download PUBG NEW STATE For Android

Best war strategy games android

If we forget anything about Best War Games For Android, or the games does not work for you please tell us in the comments!! You can also click here to check out our latest android app and game lists

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