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Download GRID Autosport Custom Edition For Android And iPhone

Download GRID Autosport Custom Edition

GRID Autosport Custom Edition

Today's topic will be about downloading GRID Autosport Custom Edition, the new free version of the GRID game for Android phones and iPhones.

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GRID Autosport Custom Edition

On the 19th of this month, Feral Interactive launched GRID Autosport Custom Edition, which is a free version of the original game GRID, which as everyone knows is paid for on the Google Play Store. This new version is like a trial version for you to decide whether to purchase the full version or not.

GRID Autosport Custom Edition was not called by this name out of the blue, but because it is a distinct version of the full version that comes fully paid, in this version you can try the Quick Match mode for free without paying or anything and the game gives you a car and one racing map to try the game and You decide whether you want to try all the features or not. There are other tournaments and modes in this new version, but they come with a paid version, and each mode has its own price, and this is what distinguishes the full GRID version from this new Custom Edition.

The new game provides a main list of the worst menus that were designed for a mobile game, it does not have many options and the animation is very slow and sometimes there are interruptions, but in terms of graphics and gameplay, the game comes with high quality frankly and is one of the best racing games Cars that you can try on your phone.

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Feral Interactive made a very big mistake that can not be changed at all, which is that the game GRID was supposed to come free at first, because the company has now mentioned that the game has not found its audience yet, and this is the real reason behind the launch of the GRID Autosport Custom Edition version of In order to pay players to buy the original game, which is something that is not frankly worth it, especially since there are car games that come with better graphics and gameplay than GRID and for free, such as Racing Master from NetEase and Racing Next from EA.

Download GRID Autosport Custom Edition for Android & IOS

You can now download GRID Autosport Custom Edition, the new free version for both Android phones and iPhones, through the link that I will leave for you below.

The game comes online, which means you need the Internet to run on your phone, and it comes in a size of 1.4 GB on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Download GRID Autosport Custom Edition for Android

Download GRID Autosport Custom Edition for IOS

If we forget anything about GRID Autosport Custom Edition, or the game does not work for you please tell us in the comments!! You can also click here to check out our latest android app and game lists

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