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Download Project EOE for Android

Project EOE for Android

Today's topic will be about download Project EOE for Android from NetEase, the best online open world game that you can try on your phone.

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NetEase Company, and after a very few days of its launch of the game ZOZ Final Hour, which impressed everyone and everyone is excited for its descent in the coming period, has now launched a new open world game online and with a storyline that looks like a Red Dead Redemption version for the phone, this game was released It is now officially in a beta version and is now available on the Google Play Store for Android phones for sure.

Project EOE game comes with a very large game map full of tasks and places that you have to discover, as there are some villages that contain ordinary residents and there are places with some strange creatures that attack you in order to kill you, the game comes with very high graphics and requires a phone with strong specifications In order to be able to try it, the gameplay is also very beautiful with the availability of cars and motorcycles that you can move through.

This game was downloaded in a trial version as I said, but for one country around the world, which is the State of Canada, so that the game was officially published on the 28th of October and will end on the 31st of the same month, i.e. 3 days of experience only, and it will be closed and worked on again To return in the coming months with other improvements and additions.

Download Project EOE APK

Games that may interest you:

Project EOE has been officially downloaded on the Google Play Store now, and you can download it through a VPN application that supports this country or download it from other external stores in order to avoid these VPN problems.

The game comes in a size of 7 GB between the installation of Google Play and some files that you download from within the game. Also, as I said, this game requires high specifications in order to run, as NetEase mentioned on the official game page on Facebook that Project EOE requires a Snapdragon 845 processor. Above which is a testament to how good this game is.

Download Project EOE from Play Store

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Download Project EOE APK

If we forget anything about Project EOE, or the game does not work for you please tell us in the comments!! You can also click here to check out our latest android app and game lists.

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