Download Racing Master For Android Global Version

Racing Master

Racing Master

Today's topic will be about downloading Racing Master for Android, the new version that has been officially released on Google Play Store and Testflight for iPhone.

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Racing master android

NetEase company launched a new car racing game called Racing Master last March. Because it was full of errors and hiccups that were expected.

The game is now back again in a second beta version for all countries for Android, and you can now try it on your phone without problems, the game has all the phases that make it the number one car game as the race mode online against other real players and you can invite your friends and compete with each other And there is also the team phase, in which other teams compete.

Racing Master also has a training mode for people who have just tried the game for the first time in order to know the correct racing method and tricks that will make you win. That is according to your assessment of course, so that in the beginning you will face weak players and the higher your level you will face stronger players.

The game is produced by the giant NetEase company, which relied on the legendary Unreal Engine 4 in its production of this game, which reflected positively on it, and we should not forget the quality of the graphics, which actually comes as a game for consoles.

racing master new beta

Download Racing Master for Android

Racing Master has been officially launched on the Google Play Store for Android phones, and you can all access and download it through the link below, the game comes in a size of more than 5 GB and requires a phone with medium or strong specifications in order to work for you without interruptions.

As for the iPhone, the game was released on the Testflight service for both the United States of America and the State of Canada, provided that the global version will be released at another time after the closure of this version.

Download Racing Master for Android

If we forget anything about Racing Master, or the game does not work for you please tell us in the comments!! You can also click here to check out our latest android app and game lists

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