Top mobile games 2022 | Online Games With Friends For Android

Best mobile games 2022 

Top mobile games 2022

Today's topic will be about the best mobile games in 2022 that have been downloaded recently and online games with friends for Android that you can enjoy on your phone.

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  1. GRID Autosport Custom Edition
  2. Super Suss
  3. Slender The Arrival
  4. Real Coaster
  5. AfterBreach

Best Mobile Games For Android 2022

There is no doubt that mobile games have witnessed a very big qualitative leap during the year 2021 with the entry of strong and international companies in the line in order to make their games available to the large audience who is now playing on the phone, for today I will present to you the best 5 mobile games, some without the net and others online, and you can Try it with your friends.

1. GRID Autosport Custom Edition

A new game launched by Feral Interactive, which released the first version of the GRID series, which comes paid on the Google Play Store, but this new version comes for free and is like the experience of the full version, the game comes with one open mode, a car and one game map as well You can try it, the game is online and you absolutely need the Internet to work with you.

Download GRID Autosport Custom Edition

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2. Super Suss

A very powerful game that has been launched in recent days on the Chinese store Tap Tap, and this game comes in a gameplay similar to the game Among Us in everything, whether the game map, characters, features, etc., but there are things that have been greatly improved in this version, which is the quality of the graphics Whether for the map, characters and other things, the game also has the audio chat feature and the ability to create ROMs and invite your friends to it, of course.

Download Super Suss

3. Slender The Arrival

A famous horror game on the computer on the Steam platform, it was also downloaded on the phone in recent days. The game is completely offline.

Download Slender The Arrival

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4. Real Coaster

A very beautiful game that came out recently and comes with the idea of ​​building your own amusement park and you must develop it in order to bring the largest number of visitors and satisfy them of course, the game has a 3D feature that enables you to experience all the games in your city realistically and this point in particular will make you Try this game directly, unfortunately, this version was launched only for iPhone owners and has not yet been released for Android.

Download Real Coaster

5. AfterBreach

A new open world game that was launched in a beta version for Malaysia only, and if you want to try it on your phone, you will need a VPN application that supports this country, the latter comes with very awesome graphics and fun tasks, and one of the games that is expected to be released on the store during the coming period.

Download AfterBreach

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New mobile games 2022 

If we forget anything about Best Mobile Games 2022, or the game does not work for you please tell us in the comments!! You can also click here to check out our latest android app and game lists

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