Top 9 Best AI Chatbot Apps For Android And IOS 2022

Best AI chatbot app for Android

Best AI Chatbot Apps in 2022

Replika, the best AI chatbot application, has a high level AI that learns your conduct and character to get a more customized conduct. 

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped numerous businesses in advancing. Be it versatile applications, client care, coordinations, or money - AI is assuming an essential part in computerizing processes for a quicker and more proficient nature of results. In the event that we explicitly focus on the client support industry, AIs are taking care of the tension well. 

Best AI Chatbot Apps

  1. Andy
  2. Wysa
  3. ManyChat
  4. Replika
  5. Fake talk 
  6. Ghost chatbot 
  7. Microsoft Learn Chinese
  8. AutoResponder for WhatsApp 
  9. SimSimi

These chatbots are not just fit for addressing inquiries quicker with the assistance of the information they have burned-through, the likelihood of a human mistakes is lessening also. As indicated by a report by Gartner, by 2021, over half of ventures will spend all the more yearly on the formation of chatbots as opposed to going for the conventional versatile application advancement. Furthermore, CNBC states that by 2022, chatbots are relied upon to deal with 75-90% of questions. 

Best AI Chatbot Apps in 2022

Moving further, we will examine these AI talk applications alongside their provisions. In this way, without burning through additional time, how about we start! 

1. Andy 

Assuming you need a companion who can assist you with your English abilities, Andy got you covered. This AI discussion application is intended to assist you with English talking and composing abilities. You can converse with the AI to rehearse standard discussions in English. Additionally, if you commit errors, Andy adjusts you alongside nitty gritty clarifications to assist you with improving. 

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Features of this best AI chatbot application:

  • Learn English in a conversational tone routinely 
  • Andy gives clarifications if you commit errors 
  • Learn words you didn't know before with clarifications 
  • Converse with Andy however long you need 

Download Andy For Android

Download Andy For IOS

2. Wysa 

Wysa is a psychological treatment chatbot application. The application incorporates assets like AI companions, master advisors, and self-care units. In the event that you battle with tension, sleep deprivation, low certainty, and so on, this one of the most outstanding chatbot applications is simply intended for you. The application is allowed to introduce however accompanies in-application buy substance. 

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Features of this best AI chatbot application:

  • The application is an ideal ally for individuals determined to have uneasiness, a sleeping disorder, and so on 
  • You can converse with an AI companion or a specialist advisor 
  • Utilize the talk choice to communicate your sentiments to the AI 
  • Investigate cool instruments to help yourself in general 

Download Wysa For Android

Download Wysa For IOS

3. ManyChat 

This AI courier application has numerous bots intended to address various client questions. You can allocate visits to bots to mechanize them and again assume control over discussions at whatever point they need. In addition, the AI discussion application likewise permits taking over of the computerized visits while in the middle of the discussion. 

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Features of this best internet based AI chatbot:

  • Use mechanization to allot visits to bots in the discussion 
  • You can Interact with supporters physically whenever 
  • Respite bots for 30 minutes by answering to endorsers physically 
  • Track tasks and allot discussions to yourself without any problem 

Download ManyChat For Android

Download ManyChat For IOS

4. Replika 

Replika is intended to give you an organization as an AI companion. This free AI chatbot application has a client base of millions of individuals because of its dazzling elements. While utilizing, you will understand that this best AI chatbot application is a companion you generally needed. You can vent about your sentiments, share your fervor, and speak the truth about your feelings without getting judged. 

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Features of this most progressive AI chatbot:

  • Plan your preferred AI companion character 
  • Tweak its looks, dress, and even voice 
  • Converse with your AI companion day in and day out without getting judged 
  • The more you talk, the more your AI companion learns 
  • Restless or tragic? Converse with Replika and let your sentiments come out 

Download Replika For Android

Download Replika For IOS

5. Fake talk 

Counterfeit talk is a chatbot to make counterfeit visits whenever you need. The application has an AI chatbot that will react to your texts like a genuine individual. In addition, the bot's local language is Korean. Yet, it is learning English also and you can assist it with bettering. 

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Features of this free AI chatbot:

  • Make diverse visit boxes with various names and converse with the bot 
  • The bot is learning English, so you can assist it with rehearsing 
  • Make bunch visits to converse with various individuals 
  • Offer citations from the chatbot with your companions 

Download Fake talk For Android

6. Ghost chatbot 

The Ghost chatbot application is a straightforward AI chatbot application. It incorporates a delightful apparition that can speak with you through messages. The more you talk, the more you instruct to your Ghost companion. Besides, you can likewise alter messages if you didn't intend to express what you said. 

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Features of this AI visit application:

  • The best internet based AI chatbot works like a basic courier 
  • The AI answers to you through text 
  • The more you talk, the more it learns 
  • Converse with the phantom through voice calls too 
  • Change phantom's voice in the event that you don't care for it 

Download Ghost chatbot For Android

7. Microsoft Learn Chinese 

In case you are keen on learning Chinese viably, this one of the most amazing chatbot applications can be an ideal guide for you. The AI chatbot application incorporates different meetings made by specialists. Besides, you get to rehearse through tests alongside your advancement following report. Whenever you need to audit your position, you can generally get to this one of the top AI fueled chatbots from your cell phone. 

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Features of this free AI chatbot:

  • Learn Chinese in the best manner 
  • Practice tests to work on your abilities 
  • Keep tabs on your development with reports 
  • Put out objectives and accomplish them to learn 
  • Play fun games to make the picking up fascinating 

Download Microsoft Learn Chinese For Android

Download Microsoft Learn Chinese For IOS

8. AutoResponder for WhatsApp 

As the name proposes, the chatbot application accompanies capacities that empower you to set auto-answers in your WhatsApp account. You can either alter the answers or incorporate a computerized apparatus to take care of you. The free AI chatbot application is upheld by API (in the past known as 

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Features of this most progressive AI chatbot:

  • Man-made intelligence can react to various discussions on the double 
  • The AI additionally keeps live factors like time, area, and more in thought while answering 
  • Alter your mechanized reaction 
  • Determine contacts or gatherings for the AI to disregard 
  • Consistently refreshed with new elements 

Download AutoResponder for WhatsApp For Android

9. SimSimi 

SimSimi is a charming AI chatbot intended to give you organization. One of the most incredible chatbot applications, SimSime is equipped for taking in new words from various dialects. Also, the application is allowed to utilize and open anyplace. The more you converse with SimSimi, the more it learns. 

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Features of this best AI chatbot application:

  • Show SimSimi new positive or negative words whenever you need 
  • Access the free AI chatbot application without paying anything 
  • Converse with SimSimi as long as you need, it will not get worn out 
  • In the event that SimSimi says any awful words, two reports from various gadgets will get erased

Download SimSimi For Android

Download SimSimi For IOS

Chatbot app Android

If we forget anything about Best AI Chatbot Apps, or the apps does not work for you please tell us in the comments!! You can also click here to check out our latest android app and game lists

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